Now for something completely different!

I would like to digress for a moment from my blog’s theme to bring you this very important public service announcement.

Go out and vote.

If you think you cannot make it on Nov 4 – check if you can cast an early ballot. Many states accept early ballots.

CNN reports

Twenty-nine states were accepting early ballots as of Tuesday, and two more — New Jersey and Oklahoma — will begin accepting early ballots next week.

In North Carolina, which has developed into a battleground state, nearly 500,000 voters have cast absentee ballots, according to the State Board of Elections. Officials at the State Board of Elections expect to surpass numbers from the 2004 election, when 700,000 people voted early.

Officials in Houston, Texas, said more than 39,000 people voted on the first day of early voting Monday, nearly double the amount for the initial day in 2004, CNN affiliate KHOU-TV in Houston reported.

“This will be the election in which the most people have ever voted in an American election in the history of our country,”

Be a part of this historic turnout – go vote – whether you are Republican, Democrat, Green, Black or Blue !

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