Some pictures of the Agastya Center in Kuppam from my recent visit there.
You can see more photos at my Picasa site by clicking here.

Ramji Raghavan, founder of Agastya, with statue of sage Agastya, inspiration for the center

Panoramic view of Agastya Center’s 170 acres

Students eagerly line up to visit the Agastya Center

Student led discussion in one of the discovery rooms

One of the latest additions to the 30 van fleet of mobile science labs. This one is sponsored by Airtel

Four of the Agastya students who entered the Intel Science contest – the two girls went on to win a special Award for Distinction

A counterintuitive square wheeled tricycle.

A fully functional model of the solar system designed and assembled by Agastya

Close up of figures in the Ayurvedic garden. Plants grown in a particular area are supposed to provide medicinal or holistic remedies for that part of the body.

Ramji addresses some of the hundreds of school kids that come to visit the center each day

Typical rural school that is visited by Agastya mobile science lab

Some of the portable experiments that are part of mobile science lab kit. These show principles of the solar system

Student demonstrates science experiment at outdoor mobile lab session.

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  1. Raj, I’m doing a story on the Agastya Foundation and ran across your blog. Could I please use the photo of Ramji with the Intel Science contest winners to run with my story? Will give you a byline…

    India-West is a national, weekly newspaper based in San Leandro, Calif. Best, Sunita Sohrabji

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