Upcoming Events

Past Social Entrepreneurship Events and Panels

  • ForSE 2008: Forum for Social Entrepreneurs, October 10th 2008 – ForSE brings social innovators together with leading business professionals, investors/donors, government officials, academics and students to facilitate the sharing of new technology and business ideas and hard-earned management learnings, and foster informed discussion and action on new social venture concepts. Click here for more details. Founder and Co-chair: Raj Melville
  • 17th Annual NETIP Conference 2008 – The annual conference of South Asian Professionals will be in Boston from August 29th to 31st. Click here for details.
    • Creating Social Impact through Entrepreneurship – a panel of preeminent social entrepreneurs discuss the challenges they faced and innovative approaches that worked. Moderated by Raj Melville
  • North South Foundation (NSF) 2008 Finals Event – NSF holds 6 different bees with over 1000 national participants vying for the finals at MIT on August 30 to September 1st. Funds raised go to provide college scholarships for deserving Indian children. Click here for details. Chair Fundraising – Raj Melville
  • Billions of thirsty people – why water and sanitation are the next major global challenge a TIE Social Entrepreneurs Group panel on July 31, 2008 at MIT Stata Center 32-123. Click here for details
  • Indian Institute of Technology Golden Jubilee Conference.
    • The New Philanthropy – New Models for Social Impact – New approaches to charitable giving have changed the way organizations are leveraging their dollars to maximize social impact. Moderated by Raj Melville
    • Breakthrough Ideas in Technology for the Next Decade – A panel of leading young innovators, from Technology Review’s TR35 innovators under 35 in the fields of BioTech, Medical Tech, Info Tech, Mobile Tech and Energy. Organized by Raj Melville.
  • Founded annual conference on Social Entrepreneurship FORSE 2007: Forum For Social Entrepreneurs Raj Melville,, 11/21/2007
  • Helped organize several panels on Social Entrepreneurship including:
    • Appropriate Design for the Developing World with MacArthur Fellow Amy Smith, Tim Prestero Founder & CEO of Design that Matters, Peter Haas, Exec Director Appropriate Technology Infrastructure Group, 7/31/2007
    • Expanding the Frontiers of Microfinance with Vikram Akula, Founder SKS Microfinance, Veena Mankar, Founder, CEO & Director, Swadhaar, Shirley Devraj, Deputy CEO, ASA Grama Vidyal, and Kamran Azim, COO Kashf Foundation. 4/10/2007
    • Social entrepreneurship – opportunities to connect with Ashoka, Child Rights and You (CRY), United Villages and other organizations. 11/08/2006
    • Green design -Next Frontier for Social Entrepreneurs with David Greenblatt, Environmental Defense Fund; Anja Kolmuss, Tufts Climate Initiative; Barbra Batshalom, the Green Round Table. 10/18/2006
    • Venture Philanthropy Keynote by Vanessa Kirsch, President and Founder, New Profit. 8/17/2006
    • International Applications of Microfinance including speakers from India(Grameen Koota), Morocco (ENDA Inter-arabe) and Pakistan (Kashf) and in conjunction with Grameen Foundation USA. 4/20/2006
    • Doing Well by Doing Good: High Performance Social Entrepreneurs, TIECON 2004 Conference panel with David Bornstein: Author of “How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas”, Andrew Wolk, CEO of Root Cause Institute, Sonal Shah: Co-founder Indicorps, John Wood, CEO, Room to Read, Poonam Ahluwalia, YES Campaign.

TIE Annual Outsourcing Workshop, 2004 – 2006

Other Conference and Meeting participation