Mann Deshi Photos

Mann Deshi Mahil aBank’s Business School on Wheels for Women
This is an innovative mobile training center that goes out to the villages around the Hubli/Dharwar area in Northern Karnataka and provides basic business skills and training to women.

Mobile Bus for training

The back of the bus where the sewing classes are held. The bus is divided into two halves with three tables for students and a desk and blackboard for the instructor. A visiting Deshpande Fellow from America, is shown seated here.

The latest batch of happy graduates from the class attend their graduation ceremony.

One of the graduates, a Muslim girl from a fairly orthodox family, speaks of how the bus has exposed her to new skills that she would otherwise not have been able to learn.

Sheela Munro, on the left, runs the Mann deshi operations in Hubli. She is shown here with some of the other teachers and students at the graduation ceremony held in the Mann Deshi Hubli office.

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