Hubli BAIF photos

More Photos from my trip to BAIF center in rural Hubli

Dr. Bhat and Naveen Jha, Director of Deshpande Center, show visiting Spanish professor around BAIF center

Arid fields before BAIF implementation begins. Note rainwater ditches and mud dams to catch flowing rain water.
The saplings on right are young mango trees that will grow and provide shade, soil retention and fruits

Visiting a farm after the BAIF treatment. After 6 years the farm in the same region,has
an orchard of mango trees and lush greenery.

Vermiculture pits. Here earthworms help create a rich compost from farm waste and clippings.
Farmers now earn a steady income by selling this to horticulturists and vegetable farmers in the market.

Sunset over Rural Hubli

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