Vigyan Ashram Photos

Vigyan Ashram provides comprehensive instruction in four areas – Engineering, Energy & Environment, Agriculture & Animal Husbandry, and Home & Health – to 25 to 30 rural boys and girls in a residential setting. It is helping revitalize the rural Indian economy through appropriate training and education.

This is the computer center at Vigyan Ashram

Ashok Kalbag, my IIT Bombay classmate with a friend sitting in the main classroom

Ashok’s dad the late Dr. Shrinath S. Kalbag founded Vigyan Ashram in 1983 and moved to and stayed on its rural campus

Low cost LED based flashlight assembled from avaialble indigenous parts by Vigyan Ashram students

Food technology lab used to teach volume food preparation skills

The Pabal Dome – a low cost kit-based Geodesic dome that can be assembled in a day and costs Rs 150/sft

Students assembling a Pabal Dome that will be used as dorm at the Ashram

Ashram designed low cost tractor

Bicycle powered pump for water

Bicycle powered generators designed and made at the Ashram

Biogas digester used to power kitchen

The main road of the Vigyan Ashram Campus

One response to “Vigyan Ashram Photos

  1. I now know am not alone, I’ve always wanted to run a training place based on what I do-leathercraft using appropiate technology. I’d like to visit the center to learn and share ideas.

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