Prof. Yunus continues to speak on Social Business

Prof. Yunus continued to speak about his vision of creating social businesses to help address some of the pressing issues facing us. He was hosted by the MIT-Bangladesh Students’ Association and Bhin-Golardho – a Bangla-centric group – during his visit to Boston.

He challenged the youth to start social businesses by saying. “I would like to say that while we at Grameen have done a few things, there are many causes that are waiting for you to take up”

You can read Ranjani Saigal’s write-up of his visit here on Lokvani

One response to “Prof. Yunus continues to speak on Social Business

  1. Bhalchander Vishwanath

    Hi Raj,

    I came across your blog today.

    Social Business is a great concept. I think the idea that businesses which are focused on solving social problems and which do not give shareholders any dividends is very powerful.

    This equity of social business helps the social business overcome capitalization problems faced by non profits ( such as ours) and helps them scale to truly address complex problems which non profits do not have the resources to address and which for-profits do not want to address because of low profitability.
    We would like to see how United Prosperity can function as a social business in the framework of non-profit law of California and USA. We may be exploring that possibility in the next few months with one of our legal teams.


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