An Introduction

The Social Ecosystem

Exploring Entrepreneurial Ideas that Address Social Issues, Enhance the Environment, Sustain Development and Transform the Developing World

This blog is about innovators that are addressing social challenges with fresh ideas, new approaches, and innovative business and entrepreneurial models. These breakthroughs come from a variety of sources ranging from academics, traditional non-profits to for-profit organizations. These include new approaches to charitable giving that have changed the way organizations address social issues. In addition to major changes at traditional philanthropies, they include newer sources of funds ranging from venture philanthropists to socially responsible funds that look for both social and financial returns.

This is an exciting and growing area that impacts us locally as well as internationally. We hope this blog will help educate, explain and engage you with these organizations that are doing exciting work around the world. We will use this blog to:

  • Showcase local and international organizations that have built scalable organizations and are doing significant work impacting social issues.
  • Highlight new approaches to philanthropy and support that are changing the way people address major societal problems.
  • Discuss new business ideas and models that are addressing key issues while providing both economic and social returns on their investments.
  • Present emerging ideas from the rich local pool of social entrepreneurial talent and enable the community to connect and support them.

We look forward to hearing from you about interesting social innovations that you might have come across.

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